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Legal Agreements


This page contains links to current corporate policies as well as service and end user license agreements for each product and service available through Basil Enterprises Inc.. To view any of the documents presented on this page, click on a specific policy/agreement.


Basil Enterprises Inc. Universal Terms of Service


Domains and Hosting
•  Domain Registration Agreement
•  Renewal Policy
•  Transfer Agreement
•  Domain Transfer Validation Service Agreement
•  Change of Registrant Agreement
•  ConsoliDate Expiration Agreement
•  Domain Name Back Ordering and Monitoring Agreement
•  Hosting Service Agreement
•  Dedicated Hosting Agreement
•  Ad Supported Hosting Service Agreement
•  Private Registrations
• ›  Domain Name Proxy Agreement
•  Business Registration
•  Domain Ownership Protection
•  Certified Domains Service Agreement

Corporate Policies
•  Universal Terms of Service
•  Privacy Policy
•  Trademark and/or Copyright Infringement Policy
•  Dispute On Transfer Away
•  Anti-Spam Policy
•  Civil Subpoena Policy
•  Uniform Domain Name Dispute Policy
•  ICANN Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy
•  Criminal Subpoena Policy

Products and Services
•  Good As Gold Prepaid Services End User License Agreement
•  Site Analytics Service Agreement
•  Online File Folder End User License Agreement
•  Web/Email
• ›  Email Services User Agreement
• ›  WebMail End User License Agreement
• ›  Hosted Microsoft Email End User Agreement
•  Fax Thru Email User Agreement
•  WebSite Tonight End User License Agreement
•  BizSpark Program Terms of Service Agreement
•  Calendar End User License Agreement
•  Instant Mobilizer End User License Agreement