Basil Enterprises Inc.



( pronounced /'bæzəl 'entər,praizɨz/ )


Basil Enterprises Inc., a Canadian company established in 2004, provides a comprehensive set of technology, media, web and consultation services for individual consumers and for businesses of all sizes. The versatile Basil divisions come together to provide for all of your company's business needs.


It is not surprising to hear that 90% of new companies fail within their first 5 years of operation. What is surprising is that it isn't always because those businesses aren't being successful at their primary business function. Often it is because they fail at the supporting functions of business administration such as marketing, information technology or accounting. Basil Enterprises is in business to help manage those other responsibilities, freeing you up to do what you are good at...




2004 October - Basil Enterprises registered as a business in Ontario, Canada
- Basil Web introduces professional web development
- Managed web hosting services products offered by Basil Hosting
November - Launched Database Project websites, averaging 100% growth year-over-year for several years
2006 November - Database Projects sold to Wikia, Inc.; remaining interests controlled under newly created Basil Media
2007 January - Basil Consulting, a new division of Basil Enterprises, begins offering technology consulting services
2008 June - Basil Financial division is created to begin work on a revolutionary product for the financial industry
2010 January - Basil Enterprises federally incorporates as Basil Enterprises Inc.
- Domain Registration, Email, Unmanaged Hosting and Dedicated Server offerings added to portfolio




One Customer - Not One Solution

Selling one generic product to a bulk group of customers may be the cheapest and fastest way to make money, but it often leaves customers without the custom-tailored care they need and deserve. Basil Enterprises ensures each customer has everything they need to be successful in their respective market, without having to stress over issues keeping them from focusing on growth and profit.


Plan, Deploy, Educate and Maintain

It isn't often the case that one company can provide a top-to-bottom solution, taking you from the initial planning phase to maintaining a stable production environment. Having a single point of contact for all your web-technology, financial, consulting and marketing needs simplifies your business processes, allows you to focus on your day to day activities. Whether you have a specific need, or want a comprehensive solution, Basil Enterprises can help you manage any part of your business requirements.


Pay It Forward

Today, a great deal can be done using bountiful natural resources, volunteer labour and open licensed software. Those who rely on this to drive their business often take it for granted. Without proper care, these things will eventually be exhausted. Basil Enterprises makes a point of appreciating the roots of where we came from and gives back to ensure these valuable commodities will be available to help future generations be successful, too.